Re: 1941 Turn signal bulb

Posted by HH56 on 2021/2/7 12:28:11
If someone does not recognize those bulbs and offer a suggestion, this site might have something workable but maybe not with the exact lens shape of the existing bulbs. ... -ba7s/6+volt+turn+signal/ They also have bulbs with different socket requirements in other categories besides those a search for turn signals came up with.

I am curious if your flasher is the stock unit or if the bulbs you show have extra resistance already built in or if resistance was externally added on your car. Usually LED bulbs do not draw enough current to trigger the old style thermal flashers to have them start working. Most often some external resistors need to be added at the socket or a modern electronic flasher is required. A modern electronic unit can be a problem with positive ground cars.

Also curious if that is a parking light bulb or if your car has been modified. Usually rear turn signal bulbs were separate on that era Packards thru the 22nd series and have a single contact for a one filament bulb only for the turn signals. The dual contact type bulbs were usually reserved for brake and tail lights.

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