Re: 1942 packard running boards

Posted by ewrecks on 2021/3/27 12:27:17
Huntley Acuff is the gentleman who originally quoted on the running boards. He had retired and sold the patterns at least a year ago.
I have no idea whether he is still alive but I hope so....he was a true southern gentleman.

I am unaware of anyone other than the restoration company in New York who offers vulcanization service for the running boards in the US. There was a company advertising the service from Canada before the pandemic. I have no idea whether they do good work, are still in business or would be permitted to ship across the border.( Maybe Packard Newbie knows).

I understand the need of the New York company to charge more for services in light of higher wages and operating costs. If I were restoring a car that was going for judging or had more potential resale value, it might make sense to pay the higher price.

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