41-42 120, 160 gas tanks

Posted by Highlander160 on 2021/4/1 14:39:58
Since these tanks have proven to be "unobtanium" and most modify somnething else or end up with rubberized old stuff, this topic is meant to test interest in having these produced. They would fit all but the big limos and Clippers. All 120, 160 and some 180 models. This will be a new factory spec gas tank in proper ternplate coating. Not a modified tank, produced for these cars. There's well over 100 Classic models regitered in the CCCA, I have to believe just in 120s there's a fairly large number of folks happy to have a brand new tank. Talk to me. Waste of time? I'd like to bring these to market for under $400 retail. That's right in line with a lot of other modern tanks for various muscle and luxury stuff. Why should us Packard-ites go without? Perhaps a pre-order program makes sense too before I dive in. Thoughts? Don't be shy, devil's advocates welcome too.

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