38 Twelve loose crankshaft pulley

Posted by Peter Packard on 2021/4/4 1:21:44
Hello all and Happy Easter( not sure if we can say that any more).
I have been irritated by a minor "rattle" in my 38 Twelve for the past nine years and used this holiday to trace it. I thought that I had found it a few years ago when I dropped the sump for an inspection and found No 7 wrist pin was slightly worn. I replaced the bush and the noise changed but a noise was still there. My thermostat failed a few weeks ago and a new one has arrived, many thanks to the Flackmaster "Mr unobtainium". Whilst prepping to change same I removed the belts to obviate water pump or generator "rattles". sure enough the rattle was still there but the absence of the belts yielded a new aspect to the noise. I noticed that the Crank wobbled. I shut off the engine and Viola!. The crank pulley is loose. It is a prick to get to and I would like to know the AF socket to use. Could someone with a V12 engine out of a car please check the socket size for "Motor Crankshaft fan pulley screw 221498" I suspect 1.875 ( inch and seven eights). April fools joke attached.

No new Covid positive cases in Australia today. good news Peter Toet

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