Re: 34 standard 8 oil leak at rear main area

Posted by Owen_Dyneto on 2021/5/6 20:41:25
As you no doubt know that engine does not use a conventional rear seal but rather uses a slinger, intergral with the crankshaft. So the very first thing I'd check is that the slinger itself is intact, and to insure that the drain passage is open that allows the oil captured by the slinger to return to the crankcase.

The second thing to check is the closure at the rear camshaft bearing, its a triangular plate up inside the bellhousing area so the leakage would be discharging into the clutch area. I've seen or heard of this failure several times.

Third thing, a very remote possibility, is that the Bijur chassis oiler hose to the throwout bearing has come loose from the drip plug and Bijur oil is discharging into the clutch area. Note that this would be a very small volume oil loss. If you have replaced the throwout bearing with a modern sealed type, don't forget to disable the oil line to it.

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