Re: 34 standard 8 oil leak at rear main area

Posted by GaryinSC on 2021/5/8 8:31:07
I had the same issue with my 32 Std 8, in my case I found the rear cam shaft bearing was compromised by some previous hacker and I had to fit a new bearing and gasket. This is a tough job as removing the transmission and flywheel is required to access it. That bearing needs a gasket under it, which I made up. I also used aviation form a gasket on all surfaces just because accessing it is a hassle so wanted to make sure it never leaked again. The other possible issue is the slinger drain hole in the oil pan flange. Keep in mind that the pan has a bulkhead that separates the engine portion from the section which makes up the lower section of what could be called the bell housing. That bulkhead has a hole in the center that carries the oil from the slinger back to the bottom of the oil pan. If the pan gasket is not sealed properly or the hole is somehow covered up ( possibly the wrong gasket) , it can leak into the bell housing and show up with a leak on the floor. The problem is that that bulkhead flange is blind with no fasteners to pull the pan up tight. The oil from the slinger is not under much pressure because it is the excess oil coming out of the bearing, but if your rear main bearing is not tight, it could be forcing more oil down the slinger than the hole can handle. If the rear bearing is tight, I would be inclined to think it is the pan gasket not sealing around the slinger drain hole on the bulkhead flange.
The pan gasket needs to be sealed around that hole, but not block it. I concur on the Bijur not being the issue, as both the throw out bearing and the clutch fork oiler from the Bijur would not have very much oil going into the bell housing, which is the reason for that hole to begin with.

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