Re: 356 cuin SWAP to 359 cuin

Posted by HH56 on 2021/5/14 12:30:00
As far as power I don't think you will see all that much difference at the wheels but could be wrong. With the limited availability of one year only parts specific to the 359 could that be an issue down the road? Also, if you are planning on keeping the automatic I would wonder if there is enough space for it.

In case you have not already checked it out there was an article published in 1953 on replacing the 356 engine in Clipper based cars with the senior 327 engine. I expect the steps and parts needed would be the same as the 359 would require but not sure how much might be different in a conventional body car with the different frame. The article might give you some ideas of all the different parts and conversion work that could be needed. There were also a couple of later supplements to the first article.

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