Re: Wiring Diagram for R-6 Overdrive

Posted by HH56 on 2021/5/14 19:39:07
Here is a diagram showing the two versions of the 39 wiring. Sorry I don't have anything in color.

The first version uses what appears to be an ordinary horn relay. The later version has an extra connection on the relay for power from the ignition switch.

Not having a drawing showing the contacts inside the components I can only guess as to what is happening with the relay and switches -- or even the solenoid when it provides the ign cutout ground. There is a very limited description of the R6 OD in the 38-39 service manual but I have not studied it in detail or looked in a Motors Manual to better understand the operation of the semi electric unit as compared to the later R9 and R11 full electric units.

It is possible some easy to find modern relays and a universal kickdown switch would work but won't say that as definite until studying the operation a bit more. Of course the solenoid itself would be special to that OD and hopefully still on the unit you are installing. There does not appear to be an electrical lockout switch as was on the later units so an ordinary modern universal lockout cable assy could be used if something more period appropriate is not found.

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