Re: Wiring Diagram for R-6 Overdrive

Posted by HH56 on 2021/5/15 14:13:39
I think the readable diagram did come from Motors although the 38-39 service manual has a poor reproduction of the same drawing.

The description kind of makes sense. The ign cutout circuit with the solenoid working the way the later solenoids do is what was confusing me.

If the solenoid does pull the pawl out when energized to drop out of OD then actuating the relay via kickdown with the throttle switch or reverse lockout makes more sense. Still trying to work out the cut out circuit since the book says it lasts for about 1/40 second. Be nice to know if the kickdown switch has two contact bars or one bar shared like the later switches. If two then making the upper portion to bring in the relay before breaking the lower ignition cutoff set could work although would still need to know when the cutout contacts in the solenoid operate to be sure. Later and modern kickdown switches share the contact bridge. In that switch the lower contact set used to power the relay breaks before the upper set to complete the cutout circuit makes. Either way, somehow a set of contacts in the solenoid provide the cutout ground but the question is when -- solenoid at rest or when energized or in a brief blip during movement.

Not sure where the book got the information on OD models used but I have never read in any Packard literature of an R7 being used. In 39 it was the R6 and in 40 they went to the full electric R9 and kept that thru mid 48.

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