Thanks to Ross!!

Posted by Packard Newbie on 2021/6/3 17:06:53
I read a post a while back and can't remember whose or which forum, but someone was asking about carb issues as their engine was bogging and missing at higher revs. Doesn't matter where it was 'cause I'd probably be hijacking their post with this anyway... point is, Ross weighed in and suggested checking points first, as bad, or poorly adjusted points can present in a similar manner. I was having issues with my '39 Six bogging when I laid on it and it did not want to rev up. I too, first thought of fuel as a culprit, but after reading Ross' advice, I changed out my points and condenser. Before it was even hard starting and now it seems to fire instantly, and revs, no problem. Thanks for the advice, Ross; saved me a ton of work, going down the wrong avenue, too!! Chris.

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