Re: Thanks to Ross!!

Posted by Packard Newbie on 2021/6/3 19:26:25
Hi Ken,
Yes, ditto and ditto; Ross' depth of knowledge and experience AND his willingness to share, is a real asset on this site to neophytes such as myself and others, light on the mechanical end. And yes, I bet a very high percentage of 'carb' issues ARE tied to ignition- related deficiencies. A guy just has to be methodical and check ALL the boxes when diagnosing and chasing down running woes. I just came back from a good long highway run and the car ran beautifully. Wound right up to 65 MPH (briefly) and cruised easily at 55; no bog or hesitation. Way cool to have that sussed and be able to now just 'go cruising'! Chris.

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