Flickering Fuel Gauge

Posted by Packard Newbie on 2021/6/5 13:14:48
This past winter I purchased a new gas tank sending unit. Luckily, I bench tested it before dropping the tank and installing it. The unit registered backwards. After some back and forth with the manufacturer (KM Lifestyles) I got the correct unit and when testing it on a spare gauge I have, it worked smoothly and accurately. Then, once installed, it seems to work when the car isn't moving, but underway, there is a wild 'flicker' to the needle. The way it jumps abound is definitely not the float oscillating and I'm left wondering: bad ground? bad wire between tank and gauge? or maybe my actual gauge is bad. In as much as all of these are a fair bit of work to change, was wondering if anyone has any advice on what the likelihood of the root cause of this could be?? Anyone experienced this before? Much apprec. for any input of suggestions. Chris.

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