Re: Flickering Fuel Gauge

Posted by Packard Newbie on 2021/6/5 15:29:23
Thank you Howard. Just in for lunch after spending the morning under the car. My tank is a custom stainless job that came with the car, but when I installed the new sending unit, I did make sure to have a new and clean connection from one of the screws on the flange to the frame of the car. I have an electric pump mounted at the tank for priming and used that bolt to attach the wire. It is clean and tight. For the sake of elimination, I am in the process of running a new wire from gauge to sending unit, and will see if that effects any change. I tend to agree with you that the gauge is a work/no-work scenario, so leaving swapping that out as a last resort. I was also thinking that maybe there is some kind of 'interruption' with the power supply TO the gauge. Does that make any sense?? I have checked all the connections and put a hand socket on all of them and nothing seems amiss. I guess I'll know more (or less!) after I finish with the new wire. Really appreciate your info and advice.
Thanks again. Chris.

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