Re: Flickering Fuel Gauge

Posted by Packard Newbie on 2021/6/5 17:56:02
Hi Howard,
Well, all for naught - replacing the wire did zero to alleviate the flicker. Stopped, it is pretty static, but once moving, it's all over the place. You say the diagram shows an 'inline connector'; is that in the power feed or the S.U. side of the circuit? I have replaced the wire right from the tank (or within 6" of where it connects to the S.U. as I can't get at that without dropping the tank) all the way to the eyelet on the back of the gauge, and I soldered and shrink wrapped all connections. You mentioned in your previous post that maybe there is a 'blank spot' or bad connecting area in the winding of the S.U. and my thought was to add gas and see if that changes anything. My Dad also suggested jury rigging the spare gauge I have up with ground and power, and see if it works any better. I could have it hanging off the bottom of the dash and it would tell the story. When I dropped the tank to install the new S.U. I found the old cork float sloshing around in the gas tank. It had broken off and that explains why I had no reading at all. Now, if stopped, I can at least tell the approximate level, but it would be nice to be able to monitor it whilst driving. Maybe that's asking too much!! LOL Chris.

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