Re: Flickering Fuel Gauge

Posted by Packard Newbie on 2021/6/6 0:13:14
I get the connector in the wiring harness you are referring to; but by running a completely new wire from sender to gauge, would I not be bypassing that? (or eliminating it from a possible issue?)
FWIW, I drove the car to town this evening and filled it with fuel. The needle is pinned on 'Full' and is rock solid. I guess I will have to wait and see what happens as the tank drains down and the gauge starts to show less-than-full status and see what it behaves like.
And yes, with all it would take to set up the spare gauge with power, ground and S.U. connection, it would probably just be easier to install the damn thing!! I really thought the new sender was going to solve my problems with fuel reporting, so I am pretty disappointed and frustrated with this latest wrinkle. I seem to always go 3 steps forward and 2 steps back with everything I do to/with this car. Most annoying... Chris.

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