Re: 1940 120 wiring harness makers

Posted by HH56 On 2021/6/23 11:10:45
Y and Z is a good outfit. I have not had a harness made by them but have bought supplies thru their website. All good quality items but the minimum charge is annoying.

While RI wiring has a website where you can see what they offer and get an idea on prices the office staff is definitely old school. Unless they have changed since my last supplies order the lady I spoke with about why there was no online ordering when they had a website said they prefer the phone when ordering to avoid confusion and offer substitutions if there are any issues with current stock. Maybe that old school mentality even extends to answering questions since their contact info says call first to get a current email address if you must do email.

Have not personally done business with Naragansett but they have been around for a long time.

Point being: compare prices and what will be expected from your friend before selecting a harness maker. I expect the prices will be competitive but if options are involved it can vary widely. The prewar models may not be as much a challenge but for later harnesses one company may have a complete pattern with all the options accounted for while another might only have info for the basic loom and one or two additions. In that case you would need to send in an old harness to have it duplicated if the car was heavily optioned. Turn signal wires on cars that did not originally have them are another item that can be included at minimal extra cost as long as the company has the info.

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