Re: 1939 Packard SIX Leaf Springs

Posted by HH56 on 2021/7/22 10:00:20
There are at least 10 service letter articles on spring inserts in the 37-42 suspension category. Those mention the use and development of "rubber" "Silenite" "lead" and formulations of "lead-antimony" and then how the various combinations thereof are placed at specific locations in the same spring to tailor the ride for a particular model. One constant theme thruout those articles is do not lubricate the springs because the rubber type inserts would be destroyed or friction characteristics would be changed resulting in detrimental changes in ride quality.

Kind of makes it anticlimactic that todays insert replacement description and availability is reduced to "rubber". I have wondered how important the role of inserts actually was. It would seem Packard went to extraordinary lengths in developing, testing, and installing their various combinations of inserts. Installing "rubber" which is probably a different compound than Packard used in all locations today and not have ride quality seem to suffer terribly would make one wonder if the difference in Packards inserts is something that only instruments or someone with a very discerning posterior could feel or was the ride in a fairly new suspension with the various inserts that much better back in the day and the present owner is missing out.

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