Re: 1930-1932 Fender Lights - 'market survey'

Posted by GaryinSC on 2021/7/25 16:52:48
I too agree the economic viability of reproducing parts for old cars of this vintage is a losing proposition. However I don't think anyone who has these cars is making a choice on an economic basis anyway. I was able to secure a 32 fender light on ebay and swapped enough parts from my original and the ebay one to make one good one. Even at that I have over $500 in one good light after having to plate and repair a cracked lens rim for$ 175.00. I also was able to secure a new hub cap ( last one that Hirsch had ), and needed two more so off to the plater's again total cost over $ 1,000 to buy used ones and repair two more. So, yes there are people willing to spend considerable dollars for parts when needed, but there is a limit, we just don't know what that limit is. Hirsch told me that to make another run of hub caps they needed to order 1,000 pieces to make it viable, I suspect your light would yield the same numbers, a very tall order in deed. I think that 3D printing and CNC machining is going to yield some very viable parts in low production numbers in the near future.

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