Re: 1930-1932 Fender Lights - 'market survey'

Posted by Tim Cole on 2021/7/26 18:31:00
Back in the day Billy Hirsch bought an entire car for those lights as they were that hard to find. And the parts car had only one lense so his car had one glass and one plastic reproduction. The story was the guy he bought the car from misplaced them, but I always thought that was crap. They were standard on the Custom and Deluxe models.

Years ago people had hubcaps re-skinned. I don't know how the process worked but they looked great and if you compare an original to a reproduction the Packard item is far superior quality. I knew someone with a Buick town car and they had a set of standard Buick hubcaps re-skinned Brewster. They looked exactly like the stock Buick but were labelled Brewster. In these "post industrial" nirvana economy days I guess those artisans are long gone.

About the only product I can think of that is still unique American production are Banjos, although I don't know where Fender and Gibson models are made. I only know there are lots of Americans building Banjos, however Martin pretty much ruined the Vega company which made the best banjo.

As well, the base for those lights changed for 32 so there are two styles of base to think about.

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