Re: 1930-1932 Fender Lights - 'market survey'

Posted by 1929PackardGuy on 2021/7/29 9:49:19
Another wet blanket here. It's a nice thought, but I can't see how it would ever be economically feasible.

I'm the editor for Mopar Collector's Guide magazine, and while it's apples and oranges, I can say, even most muscle car parts suppliers do not make much money and you have to consider the much larger audience they have. Auto Metal Direct recently sold almost all of their Dodge and Plymouth sheet metal to a longtime parts vendor and aren't going to make anymore. If they can't sell enough stamped steel fenders and door skins for Barracudas and Road Runners, how in the world could you make any money with these lights? They are beautiful, and if you need them you need them, but, very small audience, very high overhead to get them made.

As was previously stated, with the advances in 3D printing and CNC machining, one-off custom parts making for very obscure pieces is going to get more common and cheaper as the years progress. And, as you stated, who's going to drill holes in their fenders if their car didn't come with these? You have a VERY small audience to cater to.

It's a noble thought, but I cannot see any way in the world to recover your money having these made.

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