Re: 1930-1932 Fender Lights - 'market survey'

Posted by Crin on 2021/7/29 10:04:32

I appreciate your input.

This may seem odd but I don't run the White Glove Collection to make money.
Yes you read that right.

I'm an aerospace engineer and so is my wife and together we make a very comfortable living. This is more of a hobby for me and God knows I've spent more money keeping it afloat than I should have.

I just really like playing with these old trinkets and it makes me happy knowing that what one person started (Rick Bloomquist) won't just wind up in a trash heap.

I posted this question just to see what kind of interest there might be in these lights. I'm more than likely still going to make them because I'm not well ... lol ...

It might be six months before I have a pair ready. Stay tuned and again I really appreciate everyone's input.


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