'29's Engine is a bit "sputtery" - timing maybe?

Posted by 1929PackardGuy on 2021/7/27 9:30:27
The 640 I was going to buy fell through, so, I'm getting a 633 Club Sedan from a darned well-known collector. Car was ground-up restored about 20 years ago, has been driven little sense.

Just got the videos of it, seems to idle fantastic, engine and all mechanicals were rebuilt when she was restored, when listening at the tailpipe and when it's putting down the road (alas, they didn't take any video of it running along in anything but first gear), there's a bit of a sickly somewhat weak misfiring sound, not terrible but definitely noticable.

Owner says it runs and drives great, he is very well known in the hobby and I've known him 30 years, I trust him 100%, but the videos were done by one of his mechanics - maybe they retarded the timing and the motor was just cold? Video of it idling, it's purring like a kitten. Just was wondering if I should ask any other questions? Been a while since I've had my butt behind the wheel of one, just curious if timing makes sense - thanks!

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