Re: stuck engine

Posted by Packard Joe on 2021/7/28 7:52:43
If the head is off the condition of the cylinders can easily be determined. Very rusty will require an overbore, and that equates to a rebuild but still be careful when getting it to turn. Patience. Cover the tops of the pistons with marvel mystery oil and let it sit for a week. It may drain down and that's good, just keep it to the depth of at least half an inch. Some people use other solutions like a mix of ATF and Acetone but for me that's too harsh. After the motor sits you can try to turn it using the large bolt on the crankshaft pulley. Turn it a very small amount in one direction and then the other, working it back and forth in small distances, keeping oil in the cylinders and increasing the distance each time. Don't force it! You must be careful or a piston ring will be broken. Take your time and see what happens. It's worth the effort. You may be rewarded with an engine that will run for you.

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