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Posted by 58L8134 on 2021/8/4 12:19:36

Your grandfather's '24 Peerless Model 66 was the V8 engine, 128" wb, $3,850 fob competitor for the open models of the First Series Packard Single Eights (136, 143). 1924 was the last year they were strictly a luxury car maker.

Going on memory here, the V8 engines for the Peerless, Cole and Standard were manufactured by Northway as was the Cadillac V8. Although they were similar, each was built to the specific spec's of the carmaker. All were introduced in the 1915-'16 years. Northway was GM owned company which eventually folded into the other engine manufacturing operations if I recall correctly.

For 1925, Peerless introduced the 6-70 and 6-72 that were price and size competitive with the Packard Six. Management upheaval from the early 1920's continued, deciding the company should broaden their model-price segment offerings with Continental-powered $1150-$1600 cars. The move only bolstered sales for a few years, began losing ground even before the Depression hit.

By the late 1920's, much of the public held an onus or stigma toward the 'assembled cars' which used proprietary engines that weren't of their own manufacture. That outlook was promoted by the automakers that did produce their own engines. By 1930, Peerless cars were all Continental-powered but the Depression was a bigger factor in their exit from auto-making.

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