Re: 1941 180 coolant leak

Posted by Packard Newbie on 2021/8/8 22:00:06
Hi CartRich,
I'm coming from my experience with the '39, but one thing I found was, if one filled the rad up to the neck bottom, as you said you did, once the engine warms up that became 'too full' on my car and it would leak out via the overflow tube, until it reached it's 'own level'. When I had my rad re-cored I noticed the shop moved the overflow spout (inside the rad) up, a good inch. That allowed me to carry a little more coolant without any overflow, but I STILL can't have it to the bottom of the fill neck. If I stand on something and look down into the rad I can see coolant but it is still a ways down when cold. I am wondering if maybe your overflow rubber spout is cracked or not appropriately affixed to the exterior rad connection and is leaking down the side of the rad?? I would at least eliminate that as a possibility before the expense and work of R&Ring the rad as it is a big job, and expensive if you can't do it yourself. Bottom line, if your rad is over-full, it will do some overflowing when the engine is warmed up. Chris.

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