Re: 1941 180 coolant leak

Posted by CartRich on 2021/8/11 4:17:21
Thanks for the insight, Chris. I'm glad you mentioned the fact that if I use the pressure pump that I not go too high with pressure. The Salesman Data Book shows that 1941 has a sealed cooling system to raise the boiling point. It shows the pressure of the 180 engine to be 7 lbs. Also I will definitely have something to stand on because like you said, it's a pain working over the big fenders.

It has been about 40 or more years since I "helped" my father work on the '37 six and from what I thought I remembered, the water pump seemed like a fairly easy swap out. I'm sure my memory could be off. When you mention it being involved, what were you referring to? The shop manual and the Motor's Manual are pretty vague on the replacement simply saying the radiator does not have to be removed to change the water pump. It seems to rely on the serviceman having a prior knowledge of having replaced a pump. The car is stored 10 miles away so I don't always get all the pertinent info on one trip. Hopefully I am correct in thinking that the pump sits at the top front of the block. The Parts book as well as the service manuals show cut aways of the engine which are not a lot of help in this case. My thought was to drain the coolant, remove the fan belt and any attached hoses, unbolt the pump, clean the surface, replace gasket and pump, reconnect any attached hoses, refill coolant. The steps I left out are lots of swearing in between. The coolant tube won't be coming out because as long as it's not a leak in the radiatior I do not plan to remove it.

Please feel free to point out where I am going wrong or what I should be considering. I won't be tackling anything for at least a couple of weeks as I gather parts and input and fore warned is fore armed. I am not too proud to take any help or foresight on this that I can get.

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