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The H-Series twelve in the 1936-'48 Lincoln-Zephyr, Custom and Continental were a badly underdeveloped powerplant barely up to the job. As cited, very poor crankcase ventilation in addition to cooling problems caused by the exhaust runners through the water jackets between the cylinders resulted in hot spots on cylinder walls and excessive heat transferred into the cooling system. The fans was mounted on the front of the crankshaft where it was ineffective in the upper areas of the radiator. The cooling issues were the motivation for E.T. Gregorie to mock-up a low shrouded grille opening for cooling testing. The favorable results lead to 1938 Lincoln-Zephyr low, horizontal grille configuration.

The other major factor that lead to engine problems was the ways in which they were driven. It was a essentially a short-stroke configuration in the long-stroke era coupled with being upper medium-priced and luxury cars. How were those folks who bought such cars used to driving? By using the massive torque at low rpms the straight eight developed to drive the cars almost as if they had an automatic transmission. Many weren't adroit at clutch/gear shifting coordination, which long stroke/high torque engines would tolerate when lugged.

The H-Series twelve had to be kept rev'd up to develop much of any torque which folks in that price segment weren't used to practicing. When they drove as they had after trading a Packard/Buick/Chrysler in for a Lincoln-Zephyr, it wasn't long before the functional issues developed.

Edsel Ford was Lincoln's President but Old Henry held the purse-strings when it came to major expenditures. Edsel had to fight to get any investment in the Lincoln Division. Once the engine proved to be problematic, no real efforts were mounted to correct those issues. Edsel had to make do with what he had. His development of the Zephyr and Continental saved the Lincoln brand from demise, even if it was with very compromised products.

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