Re: 640 Battery

Posted by 1929PackardGuy on 2021/9/21 9:11:35
Another vote for the Optima 6 volt dry cell battery here. I'm about to replace the battery in mine and that's what I'm going with. Have used them in several muscle cars before, fantastic batteries, and again, as stated, since they're dry-cell batteries, no corrosion issues, ever.

Also, on all my old cars I put a kill switch somewhere inline so that you can shut off the battery when they car's going to be parked for a few days. This will greatly extend the life of the battery and buy you a lot of peace of mind that you're not going to have an electrical meltdown due to something shorting out in the middle of the night. I had a 440 Six Pack Challenger convertible years ago, and hadn't driven it in days, got home one day decided to take it for a drive and everything was dead - all the wiring around the alternator going back to the firewall was fried - miracle the car hadn't caught fire. I've used those switches ever since!

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