Re: Lubricants - 8th Series

Posted by Owen_Dyneto on 2021/10/18 7:59:01
I note no one has responded to the second part of your question about adjusting the front wheel bearings. I was taught to tighten to the point of the first bit of preload, and then back off a small fraction of a turn. You may want to first tighten snugly to make sure the assembly of bearings, races and seals are all seated, but then back off until you can just feel the slightest amount of free play. One way to do this by feel is, with the wheel/tire removed, grasp the brake drum and backing plate and rock back and forth; if the bearing adjustment is allowing just the smallest fraction of movement between the drum and plate, you have it right.

As to lubricants, mine is an 11th Series but I don't think the requirements are significantly different. I use SAE140 GL-1 (straight mineral gear oil + defoamer) in my transmission and steering gear box and GL-5 SAE85-140 in the differential. I've been using them for decades and no problems.

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