Re: A series of dumb questions about my

Posted by John Wogec on 2021/9/20 19:52:23
On the model 645, the oil gauge is on the drivers side inside the engine compartment. Look down at the mud shield pan fastened to the bottom of the crankcase right behind the downdraft tube and oil filler. You should see a round gauge with demarcations for oil volume.

The door locks are exactly as described. There is a keyed lock on the front passenger side. All other locks are engaged by pushing forward on the door latch (as opposed to unlatching the door by pulling the vertical knob toward the rear of the car). It should click forward and lock the door.

I can't advise you on why it is loading up, but one expert tells me that once you get the double spring mechanism inside that little cone on the carburetor set, you can pretty much forget about it, but the settings on those springs are very precise. I only started mine once so far and I know my settings are off, so I'm of no help on that matter.

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