Re: '40 110 Engine removal--with or without the trans?

Posted by Tim Cole on 2021/9/27 16:32:44
If you have a girder in your garage you can take it up and roll the car out from under the motor and trans. You can pull the radiator to have enough room to leave the trans in place. You can roll it under a tree with a good strong limb and do it that way. The entire front can be lifted away with an engine hoist, but 40 is a pain because the wiring goes directly to the lights without a junction block as in 1941. So to avoid that you can pull the radiator shell, radiator, and radiator support and pull it out the front the same way as some modern vans and trucks. I wont mention using a pit because they aren't around anymore, but using one gets the whole unit out in 45 minutes.

Soak everything in penetrating oil for a week before starting.

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