Re: '40 110 Engine removal--with or without the trans?

Posted by Tim Cole on 2021/9/29 19:43:56
Saying something applies to all Packards is a risky declaration. I've seen original 6th series cars with 3rd series steering wheels, 7th series cars with 8th series steering wheels, I've never seen a 6th series car with the original Deluxe hood ornament. I saw an 11th series touring car with 9th series door panels. I never saw the VIN number but it may have been transferred by a dealer. Usually fakes have doors from the small eight on the big eight chassis. Hollingsworth claimed that some 18th series 160 convertible sedans had 120 doors. I've never seen an original one so I don't have an opinion about that. The car I was talking about was involved in a collision at some point and may have had some 39 parts on it. To properly time the ignition I had to remove the fender pan to see the flywheel access hole and I specifically recall I couldn't take the thing off because the wiring harness went through the darn thing, so I had to lay it aside and work that way. Some of those cars didn't have sealed beams and maybe it was converted. Yes I have seen 18th series cars with the junction block, and the parts books says fenders supports are not bolted to the radiator support. I've seen 18th series cars with cellular radiators (that's in the parts book). But I don't know why there are two splash apron types - the one piece pain kind and the two piece easy kind. I remember a 37 Su8 convertible sedan with the V-12 body and that was original. I've never seen another like it. Nothing is absolute with capricious Packard. Consider the green engine color. That's a great argument. And painted radiator shells on production 30-34 eights - never found a verifiable period picture of one. Oh, it's shown in the parts book, but that is a reprint from who knows where and when and the brochure shows painted radiator shells. I have Chevrolet materials with those sorts of anomalies. Yet, nowadays chrome radiator shells are becoming a rarity.

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