Re: '40 110 Engine removal--with or without the trans?

Posted by tsherry on 2021/10/1 14:49:32
Thanks, all. Very helpful.

I will be pulling the clip to address rust issues on the main body where the front fenders attach, and because I'm not as flexible as I was 40 years ago. The clip can be stashed outside under cover while the transplant is taking place; I'll then work on fender and shell damage (rust and collision) while it's apart.

The replacement engine came out of a running '47 Clipper; the seller was nice enough to provide me video of the compression test and the running engine on the road and in the driveway, before they pulled it to put in a fuel injected SBC. (sad for the Clipper, good for me, though).

I've got a cherry picker and a low-rise lift which makes chassis work a bit more convenient.

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