Re: '40 110 Engine removal--with or without the trans?

Posted by tsherry on 2021/10/1 15:02:08
[Q]All 1940 Packards have a junction block on the left inner fender panel about 6" back from the radiator......[/Q]

My '37 115C had a bastardized junction block there as well. The original having apparently disintegrated, one of the previous owners used a clear chunk of 3/4" diameter plastic tubing, and inserted 1/2" long, 8x32 machine screws into it, with 'U' shaped wire connectors on the wiring. They had about 10 of those screws on the tube; and three or four were used. I replaced that earlier this year with a modern junction block. Sorta makes me wonder what other nightmares are waiting for me.

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