Re: Okay, so how do you remove the dome light cover????

Posted by HH56 on 2021/10/2 14:42:25
I think a lot of it stems from that the mechanics at the time would have experience or someone to ask, so the imprecise/unscientific stuff did not seem necessary to describe in detail.

Agreed, and in Packards case I believe the fact there was not a lot of big changes from one series to the next and that mechanics tended to stay in place a long time also lessened the need for covering a lot of detail. It wasn't until the postwar manuals and what is probably a lot of new people working on the cars that they tried to supply a bit more information on the entire car. Even then small items and accessories were usually not covered. The prewar manuals typically just detailed the few mechanical items that might have had a significant change in a new model or series.

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