Re: Okay, so how do you remove the dome light cover????

Posted by 1929PackardGuy on 2021/10/3 10:19:46
It worked me to death! Tried again this morning when it was a little cooler. Will move about 1/8 to 1/4" pushing up on it with every bit of energy I've got, then it just sticks. Won't budge, won't pull down, nothing.

Headliner was redone very nicely when they restored the car, don't want to mess it up, heaven knows, they may have mounted that thing someway non stock and crazy. Will wait until winter, not like I'm driving it in the dark anyway!

Did pull the dash bulbs and going to order some of those LED softer glow replacements. Got some more cleaning done. Just too hot out there. 10:00 am and it's already 80 with 75% humidity!

Thanks guys!

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