Re: Okay, so how do you remove the dome light cover????

Posted by Tim Cole on 2021/10/3 12:22:31
It may have a tab and spring clip style lock. You push to one side against a spring and careful pull the opposite side down. I think that is how the dome lights are held in on a Cu8 convertible. On the touring cars the little oval lights are held in with pips which is probably why those lenses are so hard to find. The lights fall out because the little pips suck.

Another method is the thing slides over the screw heads. Some of those old dome lights are for sale on junkbay, and you can look at those. Some have pips, some are bayonet, etcetera.

Anyway, if you want to fix the light I strongly recommend fusing the power lead with, say, a 5 amp fuse, but I would check the bulb draw with a multi-meter and select a fuse that is 5/4s the current draw.

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