Re: 1940 Overdrive Switch

Posted by HH56 on 2021/9/29 21:00:03
Not sure if I am understanding your question exactly but if you have the wires for the light in the new loom but no socket connected it usually means the socket is not reproduced and you need to use your old one or else make something modern work. The OD indicator light socket is the same two wire electrically isolated from the body ground type used in most turn signal indicator lights but I don't know if one of those would fit in your car. I think I remember the 40 indicator light being part of another knob and switch nearer the top front of the dash so maybe the socket is still in that assy. Depending on the socket size some new springs, contact buttons, and fiber washers may be available from some of the wiring loom vendors. RI wiring is one who sells the individual pieces as well as the insulated light socket used for turn signals.

There are two 2 wire switches in the R9 OD circuit. One is the lockout switch under the dash. That switch is a small flat sided cylinder about 3/4" in diameter and an inch high with 2 screw terminals. It is positioned on top and at the end of the lockout knob bracket assembly. The kickdown switch is in the engine compartment low on the firewall on the accelerator linkage pivot bracket where the accelerator rod comes up from the pedal. Should be a rectangular box with two screw terminals on the side facing the front.

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