Fan belt 1941 180

Posted by CartRich on 2021/10/5 5:16:17
OK, I thought I could do this without asking how, but nothing is easy. I am trying to get the fan belt off the pulleys on the '41 180 so I can replace the water pump. The fan blade is off and the generator has been slid as close to the block as it will go. The belt is definitely loose, but not loose enough to flop off the generator or water pump pulley. I am not looking to replace the fan belt, just get it off the pulleys. From what I have read in other posts, I realize I may have to raise the engine somewhat when I get to unbolting the water pump, but I don't think that is necessary for this step of getting the belt off. Is there any suggestion anyone can offer? When I do this on my '74 Chevy V8, loosening up the alternator gives more than enough slack to just flop the belt out with no problem. Please don't tell me I need to remove the generator.

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