Re: 1925 333 six fuel gauge details

Posted by HH56 on 2021/10/14 13:28:54
Is that the only piece that goes in the tank and no other openings for anything else? Do you have any photos of the rear of the gauge showing the connection and have you determined positively if it is electric or is it another fitting for tubing. Are there any photos of the rest of the tank?

If that is the only piece in the tank and definitely connects to the rear of the fuel gauge via a similar connection, I would almost think there is some kind of low pressure Bourdon tube arrangement similar to an oil pressure or temp gauge moving the indicator. If that is the case the fuel gauge could rely on air pressure generated by virtue of the space taken up by a fuel column inside the tube in that tank portion. The connection would probably be an airtight length of small copper tubing. Increasing or decreasing height of the fuel in the tank would change the confined air pressure going to the gauge portion similar to what happens in the liquid gauges.

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