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Posted by HH56 on 2021/10/16 20:20:57
For a 40, the windshield washer was an add on system and if done by a Packard dealer using the official unit, it would have been the Trico system which was also used by many other mfgs. Not exactly sure when it was first offered as an option but it might have been postwar. There are several mentions in service literature similar to the one shown advising dealers to suggest established customers buy one and have it installed on older cars.

Vacuum was sourced from a plugged port on the intake manifold. Not sure where it is on the 245 or 282 engine but on the 356 it is at the rear near the firewall. From there vacuum is directed via a fitting and hose to a push button mounted under the dash. From the pushbutton, vacuum via another hose went to the washer unit.

Operation was not coordinated. You pushed and held the button for a few seconds so vacuum could work a diaphragm in the washer assy. The diaphragm was pulled up against a spring which drew a charge of water in on the other side of the diaphragm. When the button was released, vacuum was cut off and air was allowed to go to the washer. The spring started pushing the diaphragm down to expel the water. Valves in the intake tube and output port made sure the water was going to the windshield nozzles.

As soon as the washer button was released, you had to separately and quickly turn on the wipers before the water charge was completely expelled.

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