Re: 1940 120 wiper washers

Posted by HH56 on 2021/11/4 21:51:54
You can sometimes find complete original Trico washer kits on ebay. That is where I found the photo showing the parts from. If no luck there, check out some of the vintage Jaguar places that specialize in the early 50s cars such as the XK 120 and 140 models and maybe sedans. They also used the Trico system but with pump painted black instead of leaving it the natural zinc finish.

There are several around who sell reproductions. I bought mine from a place that doesn't seem to have an online presence anymore but here is another that carries the washer pump and bracket and separately, the nozzles.

Hose and modern but workable fittings can be picked up anywhere but finding the Trico style vacuum direct operating pushbutton may be a bit harder. You should be able to make a reasonably authentic looking electric facsimile by using a chrome finish pushbutton and a 6v 3 way solenoid valve. Amazon has both but would need to make sure the valve can handle vacuum.

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