Re: Wire ampere rating for 1940 Super 8

Posted by HH56 on 2021/10/17 12:15:21
Some of the fuse and wire size information is in the Service Letter containing the 40 specs but you will need to search thru the service letter because the final pdf of the scanned copy was sort of scrambled when it was made ready for posting.

Headlights & dash lights are protected by a circuit breaker built into the headlight switch. Some models had a separate inline fuse for the tail and dash lights after the built in headlight switch breaker so in effect double fused. Not sure turn signals were offered in 40 but if they were, was typically fused at 9 amp in later years. OD was 30 amp. Heater was 20, radio 14, but almost everything else body and option wise was connected to one of the aux fuses on the headlight switch and both fuses were 20 amp.

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