Re: 1937 water pump

Posted by ElGroucho on 2021/10/20 23:43:40

John Harley wrote:

I don't have a prewar car so I cannot be certain of this. The vanes on that pump look very feeble to me. I know Kanter spent the money to have repros made for this epumps when the cores dried up.

I have put two of their 356 pumps and for a 288 on my cars with good results. You might also check with Gould rebuilders and Merritt, they might have some some on the shelf.

It is a little effort to put one on, and I wouldn't want to do it twice because it wasn't adequate . I have had to replace a good pump because someone else tightened the belt too much. The price for rebuilding and the price for a good repro seem to be close.


John Harley

Thanks John. Yes I've had one rebuilt twice already (under warranty of course so I paid for the initial price only). However shipping it back twice does surely add up! I was hoping that this latest one I got would've worked out for me and I liked that it had the internal bearing vs the bushings.

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