Re: 1941 Engine number D14092A

Posted by HH56 on 2021/11/12 18:05:23
The suffix does mean something but it varied by year and sometimes model. Sometimes it meant a different component than was originally spec'd had been temporarily used due to a parts shortage which meant a change in servicing method or future parts replacement for that car. Other times it meant a running change with an improved item was installed and the original spec was to be completely ignored. Often it meant an optional item was installed in an engine and to confuse the poor mechanic farther, in some instances along with or in place of a suffix they also used different symbols such as a star to denote something else might be different.

The suffixes and symbols were frequently explained in the Service Letters pertinent to the year but other times not. I don't have anything at the ready for 41s but maybe someone else does and will know what the A means. If no one comes forward you could look thru the 41 service letters or bulletins available for download in the literature archive and see if you can find a mention.

If you were asking about a 40 or 18th series 110 or 120 engine an A or a B would have meant due to a parts shortage a completely different brand clutch and pressure plate was used in that car and neither piece was interchangeable with the normally spec'd clutch listed in the parts manual.

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