Re: 1937 Super-Eight Business models....have any survived?

Posted by FPTGearhead on 2021/11/28 18:25:54
I have the low down on that '37 limo in Victor, NY you were trying to track down.

Sadly the owner Rick Tice, a good friend of mine, died about five years ago. His health just gave out. Prior to his death we would do "old cars" together as I live 15 minutes from him. I drove his business limo often. I own a '38 Eight 4 door touring sedan. Before he died, knowing his health was taking a turn for the worse, he tried real hard to sell me that car. I declined. After he passed his sister again tried to sell me that car. I said thanks but no thanks.

Fast forward a year and I heard that the local hot rod shop in Victor was tearing it apart and rodding it. I went and looked at it in the beginning stages and half of me cried the other half was glad I was not doing that job. Major rot of the wooden parts, bad rust and the likes. Honestly a mess. Well over a $100K project. Big block motor, interior, paint etc. I have not seen or heard of the finished project since the Covid thing but I will look into it soon.

I miss you Rick and our Packard days. RIP good buddy and your old car too.

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