Title for a car that never had one

Posted by 29tons on 2021/11/29 17:30:07
Years ago I bought a car from a no title state and tried to register it In PA. After months A notary that I had delt with for years called me and said I would never get a title for that car. I had paper work from the state that I bought it from and it was notarized, Later I was taking to a friend and he said try this notary. I did the lady looked at the paper work and said no problem.About a month later I had a title. Flash forward 15 or 20 years And I bought another car from a no title state. ( i will never learn) The lady I delt with is not around anymore. I bought a packard from a no title state and no notaries will touch it. all I have is a receipt for what i paid for the car. What is the best way to get a title for PA state?

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