Re: Help PLEASE 1930 super 8 exhaust manifold

Posted by GaryinSC on 2022/1/5 10:49:13
Attached photo showing ceramic coating on my 32. This is Cerakote done by a powder coat guy. You must remove all the porcelain coating in order for this to stick. It is a bit fragile but can be easily repaired by scuffing with 220 and recoat yourself. I suggest warming the manifold a bit as that seems to make the repair flow out better. This is a high temp coating and will stay looking the same over time. No one does porcelain like the original so forget that if you plan you use the car. Also note the carb linkage like your car should have, the fiberglass down pipe wrap, which will help with the heat on the passenger side of the car especially when it it hot ourside.

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