Banjo wheel- interchange

Posted by ewrecks on 2021/12/26 1:25:11
I have a 1939 Packard Six convertible coupe that is in the midst of restoration.
I would like to replace the factory steering wheel with a Banjo if one can be found that does not need recast….for a price that is ….tolerable .
That wheel may not exist but I would prefer not to buy something that will end up hanging on the wall.

I had the chance to buy a wheel from a 38 a while ago and Flack advised that the 38 would not fit on the 39 because the column was different due to the switch from floor to column shift.

I have need talking to another vendor who says that he has a wheel from a 39-40.

Thanks in advance for any info.
What wheel will fit on a 39 .six….if any?

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