Re: Anybody got the end all cure for vapor locking?

Posted by 1929PackardGuy on 2022/1/4 16:23:01
We are very much on the same page! Eventually I will rebuild the vacuum pump, but right now, literally, I have nothing in there to work with. When you open it up, it's just an empty can, there are NO internals in it - was merely plumbed and externally restored for good looks (previous owner, not me).

The electric pump is mounted back by the rear axle and directly feeds the carburetor with a regulator that is set alternately at 1-1/2 psi or sometimes 2-1/2 psi - I've tried to figure out where the car likes it better but honestly can't tell much difference. It's been running on the straight electric fuel pump setup since 2000 when the restoration was finished, but the previous owner only put 300 miles on it from 2005 to August of 2020 when I bought it. I've already put 420 miles on it since then just tinkering with it and experimenting!

I want to make her into a fun tour car, maybe do some weddings with it (it's a club sedan) and just generally have fun with it. Not looking to go to the Amelia Island Concours, just want it to be a fun and reliable driver. Which for us primarily means late September through March only - after that it's far too hot down here. We've been cheated quite a bit this year, it's been exceptionally hot and we just had our first day below freezing (30 degrees) yesterday. Had three days in a row last week where the daytime highs were 88 and 89!

Oh well, hopefully I'll get it all figured out before the winter is over. I was hoping to repaint her this winter but looks like I'll have to put that off until early summer now - probably be for the best anyway. Thanks for all the helpful advice!

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